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When it comes to wood, there are hundreds of types and qualities available in the market. But when it comes to building your homes, we at Darvish Inc. trust only a few.

We stock only the best kind of wood for building stairs. But well, the best kind of wood is not always the most affordable. And affordability is a major factor for many when building homes.

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Popularly Available Woods

Our woods are available in a diverse range of colors and shades, providing you with plenty of options to choose from based on your preferences and the aesthetic you desire for your project.

Popularly Available Woods in Toronto:

Types of Wood and Its Distinctive Qualities:

  • Red oak – Hard and heavy. Found in abundance. Medium stiffness. Medium bending strength. High crushing strength.
    Popularly used for furniture, kitchen cabinets, floorwork, architectural willow work and panelling.
  • White Oak – Rot resistant. Beautiful grain. Easy to work with. Affordable. Strong and durable.
    Widely used for furniture making.
  • Yellow Pine – High strength. Stiff and Dense. Finely textured with straight grain. Holds nails and other fasteners well. Durable.
    Popularly used in residential and commercial constructions, given its strength and density. Not commonly used in making furniture.
  • Ash – Relatively dense. High strength. Coarse, grainy texture. Easy to work with and finish. Affordable. Hard and stiff. Absorbs shock well. Good durability. Good bending ability. Easily stained.
    Widely used in making fine furnishings.
  • Mahogany – R red-stained wood. Excellent workability. Extremely durable. Fine and even grain. Less susceptible to swelling and shrinking. Naturally smooth and free of marks and holes. Expensive.
  • Brazilian Cherry – Extreme hardwood, more so than oak. Strong and durable. Resistant to scratch and dents.
    Popularly used for flooring.
  • Cypress – Moderate workability due to easy tear-out. Resistant to decay. High to moderately durable depending on its age (older the more durable). Valuable hence expensive.
  • Hard maple – Hard and heavy. Resistant to abrasion. Fine textured and straight grain. Easy bendability. Great workability.
  • American Cherry – Supreme hardwood. Smooth and satiny texture. Easy workability. Moderate strength. Great bending ability.

Types of Wood and Its Distinctive Qualities

Brazilian Cherry

There is no sure short way of telling which wood is best. But given that pricing affects most decisions, Mahogany and Brazilian Cherry are the most expensive. While Plain yellow wood, ash and pine are comparatively affordable choices.

For more details and information regarding woods and their best use, call now.Or, if you are in Toronto, Richmond Hill, or North York or nearby, pay us a visit, and our senior woodworker will help you determine the right choice of wood.


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