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Exterior railings contractor in Toronto

If you are looking for a company in Toronto and North York that do best in outdoor railings, you are at the right place! We at Darvish Inc can do all your exterior railing needs with highest quality.

Exterior railing is as much a part of your property as the interior. A fact that is often sidelined by most home and property owners. if you’re looking exterior and outdoor stair railings or balcony railings contractor and manufacturer company in Toronto, contact us! we offer a wide range of outdoor railings.

Balcony Railing in Toronto

Did you know an outdoor stair railing or balcony railings can cast a shadow on your property’s value and first impression?
And there is no denying the fact that a first impression is the last impression.

So, it better be good!

Darvish Inc custom stairs and outdoor railings is a one-stop-shop for all your exterior railing needs providing its services in Toronto, Richmond Hill and North York.

From endless design ideas to an array of materials decor elements, Darvish can help you create one of its kind exterior railings perfectly tailored to your property’s theme.

Like staircases, railings are also a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Our team of experts at Darvish ensures the right use of material and architectural design that is built to last and compliments your property for years to come.

Deck Railings Toronto

Deck railing is our other popular service. Deck railing comes in different types. Wood deck railing, composite deck railing, glass deck railing, cable deck railing, metal deck railing.

The height of deck railing should be a minimum of 36 inches, measuring from the top edge of the top rail down to the deck surface. The spacing between balusters should be no more than 4 inches.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing deck railing:

  • The style of your deck. The style of your deck will help you determine the style of railing that will best complement it.
  • The budget. Deck railings can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
  • The maintenance requirements. Some types of railings, such as wood railings, require more maintenance than others.
  • The local building codes. Be sure to check your local building codes to determine the requirements for deck railings.


Testimonials for outdoor railings:

From shabby exterior railings to new ones in less than a week. And my property value went up a notch immediately. A great investment, especially when done so beautifully!

I got my staircase built from Darvish inc. While they were working on it, I was looking to work on the exterior of my property. I came across their Victorian exterior railings, and I didn’t even think twice—best ever spontaneous decision. Not to forget their professionalism, which can clearly be seen through their work.