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Professional Glass Shower Enclosures

Leave a touch of elegance and luxury in every corner of your home. Glass showers doors are fanciful and always a great idea. The world is moving, you should too. The landscape of bathroom accessories and decoration has moved towards glass showers, let us help you keep up. At Darvish inc we will give you world class ideas and designs alongside professional, quick installations. if you looking for glass shower contractor in Toronto contact us for more information about our glass shower installation service.

We are that company you can speak to if you want to get your dream glass shower done. Any size, any shape we have you covered. Our history proves our expertise and our customers are very happy and have left us hundreds of positive reviews. We have a lot of customers who have benefited from our durable and long-lasting glass shower installation. We have confidence in our quality. This is one thing that makes customers refer us regularly. We assure you we have the best glass shower installation service that you cannot get anywhere else.

if your are in Toronto, Contact us today for help beautifying your bathroom with our glass showers doors installation service. As much as these glass showers serve a practical purpose, we also care about making them look great and attractive.

Darvish Inc provides industry leading services, making handcraft glass showers for you. Our commitment to quality remains and it is evident in the delivery of our glass doors. Give us a call today.

Major Types of Glass Showers

Have you been looking for the perfect glass shower doors and enclosures? With all the available options in the market, choosing the best type of glass shower doors and enclosures can be an overwhelming task. The material you will choose will have a major impact on the appearance of your bathroom. Chief among the important decisions you will have to make is whether you would like clear glass showers or need your privacy when taking a shower. The good news is that you can change the appearance of your new glass showers by tinting or texturing. But before you get to that, take a look at the major types of glass shower doors below:

Clear Glass Shower Doors

These types of glass shower doors are transparent. However, they have a slightly greenish tint that you will only notice if you are keen. Clear glass shower doors blend seamlessly with all styles because they are not textured. What is more, these doors will give your bathroom the timeless look you have always wanted. Due to their simple yet elegant look, clear glass shower doors are a popular choice around the world.

Adding clear glass shower door to your already impressive interior is the best way of making your small bathroom look more spacious. This happens because you can see the four walls of the room instead of the small enclosure.

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    Moreover, these glass shower doors allow light to pass into the shower, making into bright. Light can also be passed from the shower into the room. Case in point, sunlight from a window in the bathroom will pass through the clear glass windows into the room.

    Clear glass shower doors should be your go-to option if you want more light without sacrificing the timeless look you have worked hard for. However, you have to be ready to keep the shower sparkling all the time.

    Low-Iron Shower Glass

    Low-iron shower glass doors come with all the advantages of clear glass showers with added clarity. The low-iron mixtures used to manufacture these shower doors eliminates the slightly green tinting in clear glass showers. That is why these shower doors allow more light to pass through the enclosure and door.

    These shower glass doors will blend in seamlessly with you attractive interior. Apart from highlighting you wall, low-iron shower glass will also complement the walls throughout the bathroom. They will also allow the shower walls to reflect their true colors.

    Besides, more light will pass through these glass showers since it does not have the green tinting present in clear glass showers. This means you will have brighter bathrooms and showers. However, you will have to clean lo-iron glass showers regularly to enjoy the full benefits.

    Frosted and Opaque Glass Shower Doors

    Frosted and opaque shower doors should be your go-to option if you are looking for additional privacy. Manufacturers etch or sandblast one side to create these glass shower doors. One of the huge benefits of these glass showers is that they do not require regular cleaning. However, you will still have to clean the shower doors to remove soap scums.


    These shower glass doors should be your go-to option if you have a large and luxurious bathroom. They will make the room more attractive and inviting.

    Rain Glass Shower Doors

    Rain glass shower doors resemble raindrops thanks to the pattern cut in one side of the glass shower. Due to this design, these glass shower doors are a solid alternative to frosted glass shower doors. The good thing with these glass showers is that they are neutral in any room.

    Moreover, rain glass shower doors blend with the surrounding décor and background. However, rain glass shower doors are perfect for large bathrooms. They will let the light in while making the room attractive and small.

    Apart from these popular shower glass doors, you can also opt for textured glass shower doors, and tinted glass shower doors. Stop by our website today to view our wide selection of professional glass shower enclosures in Toronto.